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REVIEWED: Married for Christmas by Noelle Adams

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Rating: 4.5

Title: Married for Christmas
Author: Noelle Adams
Series: Willow Park
Issue: 1

"Things didn’t have to be perfect to still be good."

After years without love, Jessica is no longer looking for the perfect husband. She has found the perfect candidate after all and she is sure that a marriage would work between them if he would just give her a chance to prove it.

The perfect husband she is thinking about happens to be her friend Daniel a young pastor who hasn't moved on since losing his wife. He is a great confidant and someone she can see loving children hence Jessica's decision of proposing a marriage of convenience on both their parts. He needs a wife and she needs a husband to father her children. She can have the family of her dreams and Daniel can use the family man status to land the job in their hometowns parish. It's a win-win situation for both of them.

This was a lucky bargain from a secondhand bookstore near me called Booksale. Initially I bought it for my Christmas reads. I was thinking of doing a 12 reads of Christmas but that ended up a bust due to my schedule that I decided not to continue. Still I read this book and ended up adoring it.

I gave it a 5 star at first but ended up reducing it to 4.5 because I felt there was still something missing in the story for me to gave it the full marks. It was a fun and light read perfect for Christmas season but it also gave you the feels whenever it was trying to. I cried reading this book. I felt the sorrow in the characters and the complication of their situation.

Jessica was desperate believing herself to never find the chance on the family of her dreams she found a convenient way to do it but she stood in the shadow a person she can never beat. A DEAD PERSON. She is insecure and her new husband isn't making it any easy with the way he takes one step forwards, five steps back each time. She wanted to make her marriage work but she doesn't know how to the point where she second guesses every decision.

It doesn't help that Daniel is tight lipped and can't communicate properly to his new wife.

The interactions are adorable. The flow are realistic albeit a tad bit slow at some point it doesn't deminish from the fact that it was an enjoyable read for me.

The only thing I would have liked was to see Daniel's perspective. This was only set in Jessica's perspective hence she isn't a reliable source. The way the story wraps up makes you want to see how Daniel saw the situation and his thought during certain scenes.

Will you ever enter a marriage of convenience to gain the family you dream of?

Do you have any comments, reactions, suggestions, violent reactions? Leave me a comment so I know what you are thinking.

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