Monday, June 17, 2019

REVIEWED: Wrong About the Guy by Claire LaZebnik

Rating: 3

Title: Wrong About the Guy
Author: Claire LaZebnik

I was disappointed since I've waited to read this for so long  the expectation was huge for me and it sadly did not deliver for me.

The main character, Ellie was a total brat. She refuses to admit that she is a spoiled brat even though the signs are clearly out there. She gets away with everything because she is rich, pretty, and smart. Through out the story she shows how superficial and single minded she can be. She pushes everyone to do her bidding. Refuses to acknowledge what is in front of her. It took a series of events for her to see a good thing that was right there. It raises a question if she was blind or turning a blind eye because one is a mistake two is a pattern.

Other than Ellie being a brat everyone else in the story was endearing except maybe her pushover best friend. If I can talk to her I'd tell her, 'sweetheart they can't treat you like a doormat if you don't let them'

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