Wednesday, June 26, 2019

REVIEWED: Wrong Bed, Right Roommate by Rebecca Brooks

Rating: 3.5

Title: Wrong Bed, Right Roommate
Author: Rebecca Brooks
Series: Accidental Love
Issue: 1

First of all SHAWN.... Oh my.....

Steamy and enjoyable. This was an easy read. It wasn't difficult to fall in love with the main characters and their story. They were two people seemingly from two different groups of the social ladder with a similar problem- perception.

Everyone thinks of Shawn as a happy-go-lucky devil may care man who destroys everything his touch. Entitled. In reality he has his own struggles and hides behind the way people see him so is Jessie, labeled as dependable and a good-girl but in reality she is just like everyone else with her fears and dreams. In comes this guy who makes her smile and pushes her out of her comfort-zone he also happens to be crazy hot. They see it as a mistake because this relationship can only end in heartache... or true love.

There are two reasons why I enjoyed the book. The first one is the 3D characters with their own personal drives and quirks, Shawn upsets me near the end but I won't spoil you. The second things is the writing which was easy to digest. It wasn't difficult to seat down and read through a chapter of the book. The third thing I enjoyed was the story flow itself. It is a common story of boy and girl but the way it was written makes up for all of it. I gave it a three and a half-star because it was good, well written but there was nothing special about the story. It was the generic story flow of this type of setup.


What do you guys think of this new format: I changed the star and added labels for the title, author, series, and issue. I know it needs more work but I'm tinkering. Leave a comment for request or tips.

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