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My 2020 Reading & Blogging Goals | Jesha is a Bookworm

Summary Blog Goals,
Summary Blog Goals,
Reader & Blogger Goals for 2020:

Last year I pressured myself to read 150 which forces me to read 4 to 3 books a week. I did well on this personal challenge. Reaching my goal of 150 books but I realized that I did not enjoy my reading year and hardly remember most of the books I read.

I know I can speed read. I competed in speed reading in my elementary and high school days and although I've stopped speed reading I still have good phasing in me. The con of this is the inability to take time to appreciate a book I am reading. And by the way I don't skip pages like some people think I do. I can still recall the book if I see the cover and you read me the synopsis. I am able to remember but only after reading the synopsis or looking at the cover which isn't usual for me. I used to be able to remember author and title along with the content but not this year. It might be my memory that is failing me.

Anyways, my goals are simple this year:


Aside from an extensive physical library I have a small collection of EPUB. I like reading on my phone since it's handy and I believe that it gives me easier access no matter where I am. The problem with this is that the books on my shelve turns yellow and dusty

i am one that enjoys a good old book but I don't want them to stay there for no reason since I keep buying new books. I can't help myself so the only solution I can find regarding this matter is reading more on m physical TBR.


Back in the day, High school, I was always a reader that didn't pick whatever genre I'd pick up. I read math and science books for the fun of it. Come college time I quit this habit due to leaving in a dormitory and having the lack of time to read.

I spent my days hanging out with my friends for the first two years. I still read but my reading list has been enclosed in the fiction genre namely fantasy and romance. It's sad but I've forgotten many of my math lessons. It's sad seeing as I competed in math quiz bees back then and truly enjoyed the subject. Now it baffles me.

I can still solve a basic math equations but I can't do as fast or well as I used to.

This year is my last year in college which gives me the opportunity to revisit old topics. I want to refresh my brain before I enter the work force. My plan is to continue blogging and find work while I take a master's degree in guidance counselling with units in education so I can get my teacher's license. I'm a mass communication student but I did study psychology first and I hold units in the subject allowing m,e leeway in my masters.


Last year I started blogging. I've always enjoyed to write but fear the criticism that would come my way. I only did this to learn more and experience it. I had free time so it was the right time for me.

I had to quit my regular blogging due to my tight school schedule. I have internships and my research which I haven't finished to think about. I am pressured with all of this that I had to pause on my regular blogging.

In the second half of 2020 I'll be a graduate so I can return to blogging regularly. I want to expand the blog. I've got tips in mind to share but I don't know how to start and how to do it but I have them in mind. I plan to launch a YouTube channel that will be tied to the blog but I am scared of being on camera.

If you've met me I am not a camera person. I'd rather be behind it than in front but I always wanted a channel. I hope I get the courage to finally launch it.


I have a good PC. It runs fine and I've got camera and microphones. My parents bought me the necessary equipment for school. They currently don't have a good home but we just bought a house. We are waiting for the construction to finish before we move at this point I want to convert my room to have a workstation and mini-library area. I have the floor plan created on my head and the only thing I need is a budget.

I hope to get this done by the end of the year and hopefully get it on camera for you to see.


If you've checked out the blog on mobile you'd notice that my sidebar and navigation tab doesn't show. I have a dropdown menu I created but I don't know how to make a script that would convert nicely  on mobile.

My cousin is in the IT department of ILECO, that's the power supply company in our area. I plan to ask for his help with the blog. There are still things I need to plan out regarding the look and navigation before I have him do the script. I haven't done anything of the like before so I'm not sure how long it would take for it to be up and running.

Still it is my dream to have a blog that represents me and my vision. I want this to work out. It is my hope that this won't be a limited to a hobby for me but a second source of income as well. I'm not wealthy and I claw for every penny I got. My wallet is already taxed.


It might be a shock to some of you but I haven't read the Harry Potter series. I watched some of the movies but never read the book. I attended a Catholic school and a nun there forbade the reading of Harry Potter. I can't remember her name but she was the one that assisted our librarian. She had a good number of fiction books moved to the private teacher's section inside a lounge that students weren't allowed to enter. Being a member of the club I was able to borrow books from this section in secret but I never read the series out of being an impressionable youth.

Then, came my college years and I just didn't have the money to buy the series. They are expensive and buying them one by one was trivial for me.

Oh, and if you are wondering, previously high school was four years in the Philippines. You attend at the age of eleven or twelve and graduate to college by the time your fifteen years old. It was changed later on.


I've never been social media savvy. I rarely go on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram but due to blogging I started cultivating my online presence. I haven't kept a good online presence but I want all of that to change by the end of 2020 starting with my one Instagram post per week personal challenge.

I want to post at least a single photo in Instagram per week. This might be a difficulty for me when I start my full time internship but it's one I need to set for myself.

My Facebook page is also in need of a re-vamp. It sits there untouched and I've already forgotten why I made it in the first place. My plan is to fix that by the end of 2020 in order for it to be an account for this blog. I heard that Facebook is actually better for self-promotion than Twitter so that might be a good idea.

On a short plug my socials are:

@jeshabookworm                                    @jeshaisabookworm                                           Jesha Sandig

Goal #8: Reach 150 Friends in Goodreads

Right now my friends list in Goodreads sits at 75 people. This year I want to expand that to 150 people at least. I need 75 more people in order to reach this.

If you are interested in seeing what I'm reading and what I think about a particular book then you can click this link to my profile and add me. I don't decline friend requests.


ARC's are books sent by authors and publishers for review. I have a good amount of them on hand and I need to review them for the blog. I had to stop for now due to my tight schedule and prior commitments but by the second half of the year I vow to read all of my arcs and review them so that I can accept more review requests from authors.


One other thing about me is my love for TV Shows and Movies. The plan was to always expand beyond books and I've started writing reviews for some series I finished but never got into posting them. I want to start on this little project by the end of 2020. It might not be a large number of reviews but at least one or two before the year ends.

I was going to launch another blog entitled The Blog Archiver which is in the works for my series but I am not sure it would be a good idea so this might stay in this blog. I only have time to maintain one.


Keeping a blog on your own is tiring. I noticed that many bloggers out there get contributors and I am thinking about doing that for my blog.

I'm going to put a page her for contributors and allow them free reign on their articles. I'm not really sure how successful this project will be or how to proceed but this is something that I am thinking about in order to grow the blog.

If you are interested then leave me a comment!


I already have a particular friend in mind for this project. I did reach out to here when I was starting the blog but she declined due to her work. She's a school teacher and only starting her career. Since the blog has a bit of traction and she really doesn't need to post all the time I'd like to ask her again if she wants to do it with me.

She has great potential and talent but she's never been confident. We dreamed of starting a project together but we never followed through that plan.


I've always enjoyed watching and doing a book tag but my goal is to create an original. I want this to be something everyone can participate in. This one I'm not really putting too much pressure on myself to do but it would feel amazing and fulfilling if I can do this.

Any suggestions?


If you've noticed I've divided my book reviews but I'm not pleased with them. I'm not sure what is missing but something is. I'd have to ponder on this further but I want to make changes.

Someone suggested to incorporate quotes from the books. That sounds fantastic but what if nothing comes out from the pages for me? Regardless I'm sure that the way I label them in the blog needs to change in order for it to be easier for you guys.


I have a lot of books. I know I have a problem regarding my spending but I always say that this is a good type of addiction compared to others out there. Back in the day I'd clean my bookshelves once a month at the first Saturday of the month but as my collection gets larger the need for me to clean them more multiplies.

This was my shelf in early 2018 but this is no longer the case.
This year my goal is to clean them once a month still but ensure that they are categorized properly. Books are stacked by genre followed by author. My system works until I read a book and that ends up everywhere. I want to be vigilant that my books don't get scattered around the house or else my mother will hide them from me. She boxed a few books without my knowledge and I just found them.


I only put the cover on the book review but I want to change that this year. I want to post stylistic photos of the books that I review. There is still no plan with this but it is something I want in order to further personalize the blog.

I do have a personal camera but I got it in 2018 and I've never been a photography savvy person in my life. I'm only starting to learn and I'm happy with slowly progressing in this skill. One day I hope to use personal photos for the blog.

Above are examples of photos I've taken. They aren't the best but I'm still learning.


I love reading historical romances it's my personal guilty pleasure that it saddened me when I realized earlier this year that our community did not have a dedicated book tag for our book genre. I wanted to have one so I can engage with my fellow historical romance lovers easier. It's difficult connecting when we don't have the tool of doing so hence my idea of gathering people in the community to create a specific tag that we can all agree to use.

I hope to end 2020 with our community having a tag but I'd need everyone to help out if we are to reach this goal. More regarding this in the future.


This is how it is in 2019
My shelf is overflowing. I have 3 of them that houses tons of books. They are stacked horizontal with 3 rows of 12 column books in some areas in order for them to fit. I enjoy the fact that it's like a puzzle for me to solve getting them in there but it has come to a point where cleaning them is taxing. It's a tight fit and I've been meaning to expand on hanging shelf but it seemed unnecessary since I expected to move last year. Coincidental our new house wasn't finished by the end of 2019 so my plans had to be delayed.

Now I want a floor to ceiling built in bookshelf that will be custom made for my books. My uncle already has the floor plan for my bedroom and I've given him a personal design. We need to customize the height between shelves since I want to have a dedicated space for each. I plan to keep them in an alphabetical order.

Truly the dream was to have a Dewey Decimal Classification System which I adored in high school back when we didn't use the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) This is impossible with my limited books and space so I'd have to scrap that idea in the end.


If you haven't read my post about How Do You Keep Tabs of Books in Your Collection? where I wrote a chaotic article about how I kept tabs of mine then you'd know that I have an Excel sheet with title, author, series, and all those detailed in. I've been  keeping this since late 2014 but I want to make sure I didn't miss a book. I also want to delete the books that were borrowed and never returned or sold.

It is a daunting task considering that I have over a 1000 books on my collection.
The corner says the total number of unread books and the bottom says the total of books in G. It has grown since 2018.


One more thing I enjoy is sewing. I have a passion for it but quit due to my lack of a sewing machine. I used to hand sew bed sheets and pillow case but after years of doing so I am no longer to finish a project in a day.

I did hand sew a book sleeve but it ended as a pile of mess due to my poor planing and execution. Now I think that I can do a better job hand sewing it or using a machine. I've finished learning the details of the foam I will be using and I won't be cutting corners regarding the material so it won't be a waste afterwards for sure.

This goal is kind of important for me since it incorporates to things that I am passionate about. It is also a pet project since I am think that book sleeves are a good means of income. I would need the cash when my allowance stops coming in June. (That's my graduation date. Fingers crossed!)


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  2. It looks like you have a lot of really impressive goals to work on. Keep up the good work. Cheering you on from the sidelines.